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The latest updates from Vikram Solar


The latest updates from Vikram Solar

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Why solar energy is the best value for money for today’s Enterprise in the US

With consumerism on the rise with population, enterprises need to increase their product output levels while shrinking expenses. In such a scenario, finding a path to reduce energy expenses can save millions of dollars in the long run. The benefits of going green with solar power system don’t end there. Besides tax credits, the growing public intent …



Shading Loss in PV Systems and Techniques to Mitigate Them

Solar is going to be the future of energy and the growing demand can be taken as unequivocal proof of that. More than 130 GW of new solar panel system capacity is expected to be added globally in 2021. With growing solar demand (expected to grow 15% by 2021) their world is leaning towards high-efficiency …



How going Solar could benefit C&I sector in the US

Businesses all over the world are rapidly going green opting for a solar power system. And this exceptional rate of solar adoption clarifies that positive PR and wanting to reduce carbon footprint are not the only reasons powering this growth. The reason is much more complex. When a company chooses to go solar, they are actually incorporating a …



Wp War: A Gimmick or the Next Phase for Green Energy Evolution

The world is rapidly beginning to lean towards solar energy to get out of the binds of fossil fuel and to build an energy-rich sustainable future. As the demand is expected to grow by 15% to add a whopping ~130 GW globally in 2021, there is a trend of higher Watt Peak (Wp) modules emerging …

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