PREXOS SERIES 6-156 (475-505 Wp)

PV Modules

PREXOS SERIES 6-156 cells

(Bifacial- Glass To Transparent Backsheet, MBB with M6 cell)

Solar modules are a great way of generating energy from the sun. But those sunbeams do not always come from one direction. Wouldn’t it be great if our solar panels could capture these diffused beams and result in high power density and satisfying your solar power needs?
The new Prexos Series 6-156cells (Bifacial- GTB, MBB with M6 cell) module has got many advantages when used in large-scale utility, C&I, and Residential projects.

Near-Zero PID

Use of a highly resistive encapsulant that does not contain or produce any chemical components that degrade cell metallization or interconnections, such as peroxides, or acetic acids in the case of EVA encapsulant.

Fit For All Weather 

The new upgraded material of bifacial modules provides greater resistance to heat and is more durable in fluctuating temperatures. Our modules can be installed in a wide range of geographic terrains like snow, desert, or water, the state of art design having a glass to transparent backsheet has excellent capabilities to withstand the extreme topographies.

Long Durability & Ageing Resistance

-Advantages of Polyolefin Elastomeric (POE) encapsulant:

-Lower yellowness index;

-Relatively more UV resistance;

-Low water vapor transmission rate;

-Better adhesion to glass, making the module more durable

Reduced O&M cost

Significant reduction in cleaning frequency of the rear side of the module due to the excellent anti-staining performance of the hydrophobic backsheet.


  • Effective gain of 1% of cell active area by using cylindrical tabbing wire
  • Better Tolerance to Micro Crack as higher number of busbar makes the PV modules less prone to loss in efficiency due to micro-cracks
  • Available up to 505Wp with 21.02% efficiency
  • Improved field reliability due to multiple contact points on the cell
  • Up to 15% power gain from the ground facing side
  • Superior Price Performance
  • Bypass diodes and innovative series-parallel connections enable the module to perform better in Partial Shadow Conditions
  • Length × Width × Height: 2288 × 1050 × 40mm (90.07 × 41.33 × 1.57 inches)


Spec Sheet
Prexos Series 6-156 (Bifacial- GTB, MBB with M6 cell)
(475-505 Wp)
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